Graham Grahams

Hi Matt, can you explain to me in English what and how neural networks are and how they can be used to create speed ratings? I have looked all over this site and to all your replies to people asking questions about the speed ratings and never seem to get a clear explanation!!

If you are using the ratings on Geegeez I am sure you must have an understanding yourself.

For me personally, I would like a proper explanation in English please.

I think this would really help thank you.

Also, in your email this morning you say that Peter Mays ratings have made a profit to BSP for the last two years. Can you show me where you got this from or a list of results to back up this claim as this would really give me confidence in the ratings.

Thank you. I am enjoying your easy to use site but wish everything didn’t have to open in an new window! Well done and good luck.

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