Matt Bisogno

Hi Graham

Not really, no, on the basis that a Google search will serve you far better than my interpretation.

However, I will say that, in a nutshell, they’re programs which are designed to ‘learn’ from data. So, as new results come in, they re-crunch variables with the aim of refining the algorithm.

That’s probably a really poor explanation and, as I say, there are books or paragraphs on Google – whatever suits best.

It’s one of those things that you’re not obliged to use but, if you do, you have to accept that there’s something a bit ‘black box’ or unknown about it. If you’re not comfortable with that, no problem whatsoever.

I personally only reference the speed ratings in certain situations. THat’s not to say they’re not good – on the contrary, they’re excellent – but that doesn’t really suit my form profiling style.

Really glad you’re mainly enjoying the content, new windows and speed rating uncertainties aside!


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