Matt Bisogno

Hi Mick

Apologies for the delay in replying. The problem is that the report is not telling you about the form of the ‘horse’ but the ‘race’.

In other words, each line references a) today’s race, and b) the ‘hot’ race. The runs, wins and places allude to the hot race and can be verified by clicking on the hot race link to see the result of that race, and the subsequent performances of ALL horses in that race.

Its purpose is to say, for instance today, Araldur’s run on 7th February is working out well. He was 2nd that day, and five horses have run from the race since, with two winning and another placing. (Araldur was only 4th at 10/1, so no cherry picking there!)

I hope that makes a bit more sense, and do check page 33 of the User Guide for more information on this report. 🙂


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