Thanks deecaldee for link but wait a minute if a horse runs 3 times in a field size its has the chance of being shortlisted
lets take an example kelso 16.00 race Upsansdown (score of 9) and then same race
A Vos Gardes (5 green sections score of 15 but as it has not run(3 times)) in a field size its not a selection however the horse has run three times over hurdles its not the horses fault if the field size does not match up (lol) so IMHO field size is not important , just a thought though for anyone reading this would it not be better to add up all(5 sections %) and then divide total by 5 to give you as in this example A Vos Gardes 300/5= 60 and Upsandsdown 216/5= 43.2

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