Had a couple of winners so far today in form of Henry Morgan and Midnight Rider, so covered bets at least for tonight, was on Prim and Proper, but just missed out.

I’m trialing a new system today, I’ve called it System 414, for no other reason it is based on odds of between 4.0 and 14.0, it highlighted Polarisation , but i did not bet on this as it has to be greater than 4.0 to qualify.

Selections for tonight I’m going with at small stakes are:

17:00 L Mysterial – won 4.5 🙂
17:35 L Goadby Lost
18:00 D Irish Girls Spirit – no bet as <4.0
19:35 D George Cinq – Won 4.5 🙂
19:50 E Silver Dixie – Won 15.0 🙂 🙂
20:40 d Red Warrior – Lost
21:10 D All My Love

Best of luck tonight.

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