Thanks Chris for your reply and I totally agree that you’re in a no win situation. I actually wasn’t aware of the previous comments/issues/complaints regarding this subject and frankly I’m not complaining or even that that bothered either way. Missing the price wasn’t actually the issue as far as I was concerned, but simply a general question using today as an example from a purely educational/discipline perspective that should anyone back a SOTD selection if the historic value has been breached. By historic value I’m talking 0.75 points below the suggested odds based solely on the SOTD’s stats over 4 years of 25% ROI or roughly 1.50 points profit per week based on 6 bets per week. Anyone backing SOTD winners on average 0.75 points below the suggested price simply won’t generate profits. This was never intended to be about criticism and my apologies if it has been taken that way.

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