Ray Thompson

Well, jumps no good again yesterday, the out-of-season summer always shows a dip in bets and profits, which is why I’m so pleased with this new flat turf handicap system. I made well over £200 yesterday and maybe (by accident) just under £900 today, because I (a) bet fivers, forgetting that I’ve been doing £2 until now, probably because I’d keyed my jumps bet in first and more serendipitous – that means “happy accident” – I twice backed Altharoos at 34 on Betfair – that’s a “d’oh!” for the senior moment and a “yes!” when I saw the result!

I think I’ve spotted another little helper, but it will mean more bets: maiden stakes tend to chuck up massive priced winners too. But before committing to that I’ll need to go back over the cards and results of this year’s flat just to be sure that profit greatly outweighs input.

I’m up to June’s results now, so in a few more days I’ll hopefully be right up to date with our system. Sorry, did I say “our” 🙂 . I haven’t seen much response to my request for everyone else to throw in their expertise. But hey, I know it seems longer, but I’ve only been ensconced for ten days!

More tomorrow, remember to have fun!

PS, just noticed that Frightened Rabbit popped in at Ham – 14/1, 22Bf followed 15 mins later by … wait for it! … Cherry Kool at Lin 33/1, 65 at Bf!
Wow, I seem to be getting rich suddenly!

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