Ray Thompson

finky – in cases where the betting forecast has 16/1 or more but the early actual bookie showings say 14/1 then yes, as you’ll notice in the earlier posts here, I have suggested they should be included. I also strongly suggest exchange betting or at a pinch bookies offering best odds guaranteed, a prime example being Dark Crystal a couple of days ago. It was 33/1, but drifted to 40, and on Betfair I always go for more, in this case betting 65 or BSP at the off (that option is always there). Try paper bets or a quid per selection at a b.o.g. until you gain the confidence (and the bank) to increase. Remember, flat turf handicaps only, and I’ll be mentioning another filter shortly.

Cheers buddy, hope that helps!

Clayton, looking at the 100 results of last year and this year, as shown in earlier posts, it’s clearly not worth betting on the top two or the bottom weight, so that becomes a major money-saving filter. The middle field weights are much better and as I’ve just noted above, I may have another filter which precludes any of the lower runners on the card, which gives enormous savings on huge fields. I’ll have this sussed in a day or two, but it is looking really promising.

Have fun!

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