I followed Ray like you Clay:

“All outsider winners came in at 16/1 plus, but NONE at greater than 33/1 ISP (65 BSP), so, taking all our selections from ISP, what happens when we install limits of 16/1 to 33/1 and exclude the TWO TOP WEIGHTS (see results by weight posted above on the 25th). We have…”

I also exclude Class 1, but not many of those and none today.

I am using BSP 17.0 to 43.0 Odds to narrow down the selections and reduced the numbers. I am still not sure about FCSP, so of the next race at Galway I have:

15:20 Gal(IE) Fastidious 36.0
15:20 Gal(IE) Kapstadt 36.0

They meet Ray’s parameters (my interpretation of them at least).

My first three of the day were not places, but I estimate a SR of <10% based on my calculations of back testing, so not expecting many winners, I suspect that with Ray’s 23 today, he is running at a much lower SR, maybe 5%

Yesterday I had one winner and three were placed out of the 6 or so I bet on, so encouraging that the Ray System may show a profit, well a hope at least.

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