Thanks sondrio2, here is the 1543System output, I have also included the ones that are out of the odds range at the moment, so these would be a no bet, but nearer the off these odds may change so have included them, I have removed any selections with odds way out of the range and unlikely to get in to range near the off, so left with:

14:45,Ripon,Macarthurs Park 29.0
15:30,Nott,Pull The Plug 13.0
17:00,Nott,Oakley Star 11.0
17:00,Nott,Malice 50.0
17:00,Nott,Leave It To Arno 55.0
17:15,Ripon,Cavalieri 19.50
17:45,Carl,Plunder 35.0
18:45,Carl,Iggy 15.50
18:45,Carl,Tinsill 18.50
20:15,Carl,Ronaldinho 23.0
20:45,Carl,New Colours 12.0

The odds range is BSP 15 to 43, so only a bet if near the off the odds are in this range, so at current odds on Betfair only those in bold are selection to place a bet only 6 bets at the moment, near the off this could change, so some may get ruled out and others ruled in. So with this system you have to wait 5 minutes or less before the off, as it it relies on BSP to predict winners.

Interesting to see how these compare to your selection for today.

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