Ray Thompson

Hi, guys! Been a bit under the weather with hay fever last few days, but while I’ve not been posting or betting, I have been researching. Once I had all the results to date, I did a comparison with last year’s figures and it’s pretty clear that the start of the season in both years yields greater outsider wins than the middle. Since my huge win five days ago when I tempted fate by saying “Wow, I think I’m getting rich!”, I’ve had mediocre to appalling results, so I don’t think it’s the fault of fate, in which I don’t believe anyway, but rather the fault of the system. As it stands, the outsider system may well be at its best at either end of the season. More research will tell.

I have all the winner results for the current year with racecard position (weight) and number of runners. It’s all on paper at the mo’ but I’ll document it here for you today. It appears at first glance to be strongly indicating that field size doesn’t matter, but a few paper tests will be more accurate. Back soon.

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