It’s a big club, marron! There’s some in here who are on their next set of accounts, having “used” their own identities up.
I’m not as badly off – or as well off, because you can consider it a measure of success to be restricted – as some, but Fred’s stopped me from accessing any promotions (including BOG) when I got lucky with a Lucky 15 and won over £2k. Boyles restricted me when I backed a 40/1 winner. Unofficially they tell me to place bets without taking a price, so you may be able to do that with them – but why would you if you have other BOG options?. That’s often the issue with their trading teams; if you consistently beat the sp by taking a price, they’ll be wary of you; then when you win…
The suggestions I’ve had to stay under the radar include betting in multiples of £5 or £10 so they don’t suspect you of arbing. Sondrio (George) suggests chucking a few quid a month at the casinos ‘cos they see that as guaranteed profitable business. Otherwise, I try to spread my bets around the 11 or so accounts that I’m still fully functional with. I’ll not open any more accounts unless and until I’m considerably more inconvenienced, but that’ll be the next step.
Good luck and congratulations on beating Boyle!

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