Ray Thompson

I’ve done my chart for the 187 flat turf handicap winners by class/going/distance so far during the 2015 flat season. Rather than attempt a huge double-grid here, I’ll just tell you how it pans out beginning with Class, then going, and distance last.

C1 3 winners, C2 21, C3 20, C4 54, C5 43, C6 47

Heavy 6, Soft + SH 33, G+GS 75, GF 68, Firm 5

5f 31 winners, 6f 31, 7f 37, 8f(1 mile) 27, 9f 5, 10f 25, 11/12f 21, 14f+ 10

I think this initially shows room for more filters, and I’m hoping that this and Tigris’s losing runs research (and anything else you lot may have noticed that we’ve missed) take us further along the road to massive success. For a start, if some nice person with access to one of the databases that do instant counting, could let us know the TOTAL number of Flat turf handicaps with runners in the price range we’re targetting, and if they could break that down into the five Classes, then that would be a huge weapon to add to our armoury. I think, for example, that there are probably so few Class 1 races that meet our requirements, that the three winners we’ve spotted are probably in profit!

Back tomorrow, have fun!

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