Correction I had 8 bets on 6 August @ £2 = total outlay = £16, so running total is actually: +£23, since 1 August.

No bets today from my slimmed down system, though it has identified a few, but outside Odds range, interestingly by system yesterday had Gentlemen and Sallabeh, in fact seems throw out a few low price winners, trouble is not in odds range and not profitable to bet on, as then too many bets and too many looser.

List for today is:

17:55,Hayd,Felix Fabulla 4.7
19:30,Hayd,Jebediah Shine 5.1
20:35,Hayd,Joshua Potman 8.8
20:35,Hayd,Lucie Rie 9.4

Out odds and one is bottom weight. So no bet on these today.

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