Totally agree FGR, all my systems have detailed records, for example my Sunday Chase System I have seen running for over a year now is running at 23.08% this year, last winner was Run with the Wind on 12.07.2015 @ 20/1, only a few runners since then, so this system quiet at the moment, I have a lot of micro systems that may only produce one or two selection a week, in which case I need to know which ones are in profit.

Challenge is to know when to pull the plug, but having a feel for the system and loosing runs helps a lot.

The system I have just started posting here is very new, so don’t know how it will go.

I have a really smart spreadsheet that works out the SR and profit for my systems.

So far this new system is 3 wins for 4 selections, so tracking is really important, to track the inevitable loosing runs…. and hopefully a little profit 😉

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