Hi guys…. I’m an oldie and a newbie…. 73 years old and been betting for over 50 years, but my first post on this forum. I mention this only to let you know that I realise which end of the stick is shitty…. I’ve been around the block far too many times, but I will say that I have been successful for the last 20 years, the other 30 years was just a mere apprenticeship.
I don’t intend to give my life story, so I’ll cut to the chase…. I have been using neurals (not Peter May’s) from another site, now I wouldn’t know a neural if it was tapping me on the head…. WTF is a neural????…. nonetheless, although the mathematics of it are akin to bunging my head into a bucket of water, it did seem to be a fresh approach to ratings, so I decided to follow for awhile.
I was quite surprised at the success I was having with these neurals…. then, just last week, a mate of mine said that I should look at Geegeez own tips because they were doing well…. so I joined… and I was shocked to find that there was another source of “neurals” (I bloody wish I knew what that meant). I only joined yesterday, so today was the first time that I combined the two different sources and was really gobsmacked at the results.
I had 12 bets today and 6 were winners giving me a 21pts profit… it could be a flash in the pan and probably is, I’ve been around too long to get excited too much…. but two different neurals from two different sources must give us an edge, especially as neurals are new to me and represent a different language. I will see what this weekend brings (so that I don’t make a twat of myself) and if it’s still looking favourable, I’ll post again on Monday….


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