Hi George, I noted that Focus Ratings are a “paid for” service and I try and stay away from those as much as possible. This is not because they are useless, it’s purely a financial decision and I don’t consider £32 taken from my profits every month to be in my best interests…. if I pay for something, it’s gotta be damned good.
As of yet, I cannot make a comment on Geegeez profitability as a “paid for” service but the superb range af assistance that it gives for £24 looks impressive…. but not excellent. As you have said, there is a plethora of info from that site mentioned earlier and they are surpringly up to date, which is important to me….. there are a few n/runners in my races today, the Oz site is showing them as n/runners but Geegeez is not…. it does seem strange that a site from the other side of the world can receive the information before Geegeez.
That said, I have to refer back to the ratings, this is the reason for writing. I have only been a member for a couple of days, but from my results thus far, these ratings from Peter May are second to none, I really cannot believe the results that I am having when corrulating with the neurals from Oz. I believe that you are absolutely cock on when you say that it would be a good idea to blend the two…. it’s only been 3 days, but my previous profits have been blown out of the water, so much so, that this has to be a flash, it cannot continue like this, it must slow down, but on the face of it, this Peter May is HOT….


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