Chris…. that Oz site is so full of info that it’s hard to know where to start. When I started looking at it, I was after something different…. a need to change tack. Most of the stuff pumped out in the UK (ratings wise) are just mediocre at best, difficult to make steady profits from, then I heard about this strange animal called a “neural”….. dunno what it is or how it works, it’s just summat different, a fresh perspective.
I just started analysing which was going to be the better way of riding this animal…. it took a lot of work over many, many months, but I got something that was working well enough to be profitable. I tried using these neurals with the other columns of info, but I was spending far too long sitting at this machine…. for a long time I was burning the midnight oil and spending over 10 hours a day on here, it had to stop…. I was already shaking hands with God but I needed to keep him at arms length for a few more years, I had to slow down.
So, to answer your question, I found that using the Neurals only, was the easiest way to play and that’s all I have been doing for some time…. it was reading about Geegeez and Peter Mays Ratings that bought me here to try them both together…. thus far it’s extremely profitable, but we all know how critical this game is and I’m taking it day by day, if it continues for awhile, I’ll report back….


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