Chris, thanks for the early heads up. Most of the SotD selections compress in terms of the price, but BetFair Sportsbook have already told me that I do not get BOG anymore, so would you suggest going to the BOG bookmaker at a lower price, or going in at the 4/1 without BOG.

It may be academic anyway, as Sportsbook normally restrict my stakes as well.

I am astounded as I thought Sportsbook was part of the Betfair giant!

Anyway, things must be going well for me to have to worry about such things.

I started my SotD bank at £400 on July 21st and it has now reached £1979.

I usually go EachWay and I invest 10% of my bank in total but have a max of £150, as today was £75 EW.

Many thanks once again.



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