Chris Worrall

It depends on how much lower you’d need to get a BOG price and whether you thought it was worth it for the “insurance”. The picks generally shorten, but we have had winning drifters too.

I’d sacrifice a quarter point ofr BOG insurance, but I’m not sure about half a point. That said, it’s a judgement call on whether you think it’ll shorten. I’d imagine as we find it harder to fly under the radar that soon, we’ll not get any drifters and if that happens, we don’t need BOG.

I’ve actually put a couple up recently with Ladbrokes who are non-BOG pre-9am, so I suppose I’d take non-BOG if I was happy enough with the price.

That said, if you’re going to take non-BOG, you should check the exchanges first. I can’t quote exchange prices for SotD, as not everyone gets the same deal.

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