Chris Worrall

I tend to avoid the big festivals for SotD, as Matt tends to cover them very well.

The issue arises when we have differing views (as neither of us reads the others’ work before committing to going live) and we attract criticism for “playing the field”.

But I put Haggas’ Storm The Stars up for Stat Picks yesterday and with Besharah ticking the same niche boxes I identified it was worth revisiting the same well.

I’m not likely to use that one again, so file this away, guys…

Before racing started yesterday…Since 2009, William Haggas’ Ebor festival runners returning to action for their 3rd to 11th start after a break of 60 days or less are 11/32 (34.4% SR) for 79.7pts(+249.2% ROI), with 5 Class 1 winners from 16 (31.25% SR) generating 35pts profit at an ROI of 218.7%.

The record is now even better than that!

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