4:55 York
Hathaway was gambled on lto trn jk combo very good

Ashridge lad race was franked

Grand inquisitor pat Mullen rides well here

Strong steps form franked trn does well here

Rifle range form franked

Supreme occasion combo good

Weld Al emararat one of my catch the eye horse

Mount of irony was gambled on lto

The. 3 on my short list

Grand inquisitor

Weld Al emararat

Sahaafy I made a note of him
Has been raised 11lb was well backed but not good on going

Weld Al emararat
Is a genuine brave horse

Won 28 Grp 1/ 33 Grp 2 / 42 Grp 3 & won 45 listed races

Get knotted won on soft but got to learn to settle

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