Tough one FGR, I agree loosing runs are part of the life a punter. What I have reason the topic talks as much about the mindset of the bettor and coping with loosing runs. A few tips I read:

1. Tell other people what you have achieved and the amount of work you put into the analysis and that you don’t just pick horses like playing a game of pin the tail on the donkey.
2. Instead of dreaming about picking the winning horses, focus on the challenges and obstacles to selecting your horses, like reducing the loosing runs, dealing with going changes, getting the best prices, Which tools give the best analysis etc.
3. Focus on performance no outcome – in other words think about how make your selections and what you do to narrow the field, rather than dwelling on the outcomes (winners and losers, jockey and trainer behaviour, horse fitness etc.) which you really cannot control – so focus on what you can control which is the systems, tools and methods you use to make your selections. Are they robust do you review your methods regularly, so you delete poorly performing systems and methods? etc.
4. Recall your successes, remember that 25/1 winner, and the winning runs.

Thats the psychology bit, plus there is lots written on managing your bank and staking etc, so lots of practical stuff out there.

I was listing to the William Hill Radio this week and a punter emailed in who had won 200 grand, given up work, and was setting up as a professional punter, trouble is since doing so he has been on a continual loosing run, and was asking for advise on how to deal with this, because he is concerned he may just bet all winnings back to the bookies.

Even winning big can still have many challenges it would seem.

Got me thinking about why I bet, is it to win big, to give up work etc.? Is it the challenge of picking winning horses, getting the best price etc. or simply obsessed?

If I am honest winning big is one of my dreams, more realistically I enjoy the analysis and as long as I win and cover my costs and make a little profit then I am enjoying the betting, when I hit a loosing run it gets hard, at this point I reduce my stakes, focus on the analysis and how well the loosing horses are doing. Still takes a lot of focus, whatever people say loosing ain’t nice.

Win or loose I like to look at how well my analysis panned out, by analysing my analysis, I can still get pleasure from this even when my selections loose, which in betting is more the norm than winning.

Matt gives some good advise, even talking a brake or paper betting for while might help.

Great you are putting up your selections FGR, I still put mine up win or loose, I find it helpful to put them up. plus great to see what other people are betting on and why.

Will keep following your selections and see who they fair….

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