Just a few thoughts on restricted accounts, had two get me recently, pp restricted me a week after i placed a bet for a fiver on tour de france that was a 1oo/1 it was sent for manual approval, now i only bet on tttf as an interest. It got accepted. The second time was a couple of weeks ago, now you make think this a coincidence, was in a ladbrokes gabbing to the manager, he suggested i get a grid card, which is their loyalty card bit like corals connect, lots of free bets, i know fell for it. He said best to link it to your online account. Got one, three days later placed a bet with laddies online resticted to a quid, most i can now win is a tenner on any bet. The thing is it seems i think you must not have any one look at your account for any reason, stay in the internet oblivion. Now i wouldnt even complain if they got small bets wrong. Beware of these loyalty cards they may involve a manual check on your account. Any thoughts.

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