Hi Eddie…. apologies for the late reply, but Friday’s (and Saturdays) are busy days, in fact, they’re all busy days… lol…
As explained in my earlier posts, I haven’t got a clue as to HOW you work out neural ratings, I think that you’ll need to go to Peter May’s own site to delve deeper. All I was trying to say was that these neural ratings vary from the normal ratings and they appear to be more accurate…. but that’s not to say that it’s easy to find winners, that still takes a lot of work, but I find that I get more winners and places when using neurals.
You ask where I get the neural ratings from…. they are on the Geegeez racecards in a column headed SR (Speed Ratings), another source is from the Oz website (I put the address down a few postings back). I find the the Geegeez ratings are better than the Oz site, so I would be comfortable using Geegeez site on it’s own….. hope that helps…


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