Hi agent…. yep, I like Rock Canyon for today, but haven’t noted any of your others.
I agree with you that you have too many selections, I try for just two a day, sometimes I get more according to the amount of races within my criteria. I am a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to my betting and there are lots of races that I don’t get involved in, such are the constraints on my time, there are lots of races that I don’t even look at.
This isn’t due to anything other than I still make my selections based on my own ideas on what I conceive to be the correct use of speed ratings, it probably flies in the face of the ideas put forward by others… it’s an old farts charter.
My own personal betting using Geegeez is 10 wins from 26 selections in just 14 days (my £5 trial) and a levels profit of 19pts… these are my actual bets, I selected frigging hundreds, but these were the only ones that fell in the races that I was comfortable with…. if I’m not happy with the selection, then I won’t bet it.
Your going to ask me what my criteria is, that’s too much for a single post…. but for starters I don’t bet on 2YO races… neither am I interested in maidens, amateurs, conditional or apprentice races…. check back on these and see if it helps your strike rate.
These are not the only types of races that I steer clear of, but it’ll do to point you in the direction that works for me….


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