Thanks Eddie, I hope that your correct about Geegeez because I’ve finished my trial and am going for Gold… lol….
These neurals can take a lot of work to sort out to start with and I found it hard going, but by using filters (only looking at certain races), I have found out my “comfort zone”… I can now shortcut all the hard work. I usually get my bets sorted in 30 minutes, but those busy days can take me an hour…. I don’t think that there’s much more that I can add, it’s probably possible to make a profit by betting the top rated in every race, but the losing runs scare the crap outa me, I much prefer the selective approach.
I leave out a lot of races that I don’t feel happy with and I use two separate methods according to whether it’s the flat or N/H, I have not found anything (speed wise) that can be used under both rules….. I hope you find something that you can work with, good luck with your betting.


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