Hi Sunchu…. I’m afraid that I don’t do a lot with normal speed ratings these days, the neural approach (which I don’t understand) appears to give me far better returns. I really don’t know the difference between the ratings, but these neurals seem to give me an “edge”….. this may be because of my style of betting, but since I started using these neurals (from the Oz site), I haven’t looked back, I’m not saying that I don’t have plenty of losers the same as everybody else, but I’m getting increasingly happy.
I heard great things about Peter Mays ratings and I wanted to try them, so paying £24 a month for Geegeez is cheaper than getting the ratings directly from Peter May and there’s a lot extra info too.
My betting is successful because of race selection, of that I am convinced and I only play the sprint distances on flat races on the turf…. I do not use Speed ratings on the A/W. I said that I was an old goat from way back and my disregard of the A/W is just that, a throw back…. we have Polytrack, Fibresand and Tapeta and to my knowledge, form from one type of track is not transferable to another… on top of that, there is the “kickback” and lots of horses hate the kickback. There is also the problem with the “sheer force” that you get on turf, I don’t believe you get “sheer force” of the same type on the A/W…. so, in a nutshell, too many unknowns to apply speed ratings (neurals) to these surfaces….. told you I was rather ancient in my thinking.
This is rather a long reply to your query as to what races I bet in, but I found it easier to also point out why I avoid some of the races…. it’s not just a lucky dip, it has been hard work over the years….. hope that helps.


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