FGR Perspective w/e 30.08.15

As regular readers will know, things haven’t been going smoothly these past few weeks. To recap results since August 10th, blindly backing all selections at BSP has produced…

19 Bets 6 Winners (31%) LOSS -0.36 Pts (-1.89%)

Hardly a disaster considering there’s still 48.11 Pts in the bank!

Yesterday saw Fascination Rock put in a disappointing effort at Windsor. This colt has always taken a long time to get going, and in hindsight he was always going to need a stiffer test than the one he got at Windsor. I was concerned about the track and possible lack of pace beforehand and these things always seem to come back and haunt you when things aren’t going well.
I’ll be taking a couple of days off as my arthritis is playing up (I couldn’t even put my socks on this morning), and I hope to be back in action in time for a new month.
If I feel up to it I’ll post my ‘Anatomy Of A Losing Run’ tomorrow.
Until then, stay lucky, and all the best in running today.

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