That’s very funny, Tigris.
Regarding strike rate etc, long term, my methods generally generate about 40% winners at an average price of 2-1 for an ROI of 20%.
Obviously strike rate and average price per selection is key here.
If my average price was 6-4 as opposed to 2-1 then I would only break even.
‘Value’ selections have been very much in-vogue since the launch of Pricewise in the 1980’s, but it’s worth pointing out any punter backing 30% winners at an average price of 3-1 would achieve exactly the same returns as above i.e. 20%.
To obtain that 2-1 average price, plenty of even-money and 6-4 shots will get backed despite not appearing to be ‘value’ bets to some. It all depends on how you set your stall out, but the 2-1 backer invariably has more margin for error than the 3-1 punter as more winners will emminent from that average price range.

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