OK, where to start???… I’m not wanting to point anyone in my direction, I’m just trying to put over that this is MY particular style of play…. feel free to give me the finger, but this is an approach that I find quite profitable…. not always accurate, but profitable, this may be because of my way of betting as stated in an earlier post.
Both Tigris and George mentioned additional approaches and I have a “take” on those too… yes, weight can have a huge effect on a horse but there are a lot of factors that help mitigate this weight disadvantage, mainly the jockey’s ability to make light of it. When your talking of weight “stopping” horses, that really only applies to “dead weight”, that’s the lumps of lead in the saddlebags…. if you’ve got a strong jockey (a GOOD jockey) that can ride a horse correctly… and lots can’t… then that jock can ease the burden of weight by the manner in which he rides that horse. He/she can sit the horse and “set” him up for the next jump and when it comes to riding the finish, the jock will be standing on tippy toes in the stirrups and flying at the finish….. WINNER…. lol….
Seriously though, when your just concentrating on 5f sprints, I don’t think that weight will make a lot of difference…. over a mile and a half, yes, it can tire you out, but I don’t think that it makes a lot of difference in a 5f dash. The reason that I just concentrate on sprints is that there is no room for error, I don’t think tactics come into play, the gates fly open and you just grab your spot to stay clear of danger and then make your play 2f from home and the best horse on the day, wins. There was an old saying that still resonates today…. Weight can stop trains…. not if that trains going at 100 mile an hour it can’t…. It goes without saying, that we are talking about the flat here, the jumps have to be taken from an entirely different perspective…. when looking at jump racing, then different criteria apply.
Again guys, this is my own personal opinion, I don’t wish to sway you one way or the other…. in fact, I wonder why I’m writing…. lol…


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