not sure what your saying

but if your refering on how i pick its easy nothing comlicated

and also regarding you losing runs which we all have again my method is uncomplicated i just stop betting and carry on paper picking, when i think im back in form i start bettingl the activity

i learnt the last idea betting in the casinos i went to Nice on south of france i spent a fortnight there and won every night my limit was to win £50 and only spend i hour playing i might use differant tables if one hour was up i would pack up because i was card counting and with all the activity it was hard

after Nice i travelled to Monte Carlo and then on to Las Vegas and i come out on top on all the casinos card counting

thats when i learnt to stop and still card count

in all betting you must set out your stall and stick to it on horse racing i have never lost all of my bank

i have 3 banks i might lose first bank but never ever had to go to 3rd bank

hope this helps you

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