Unfortunately not, Paul.
The shortlists indicate the right type of horse, in the right type of race, at the right type of price (what I call my Winning Equation).
If you back the horses on the shortlist blindly, you will lose. However, if you use the shortlist selectively to average about one bet per day, you will win long-term.
I let Balty Boy (and Maanafidh) run today, preferring the chances of Broughton at Stratford. I allow for a margin of error of about 50%. Even then I should achieve about 40% winners at an average price of 2-1 for an ROI of 20%.
Anyone can use the method providing they apply commonsense to the list.
It’s not always pkain sailing as my recent results testify. But I’ll continue to post the shortlist on the forum so that anyone interested can hopefully exploit them and make a few quid.

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