Steve Walmsley

Hi Ray,

Not wishing to over critical but:

“7f High draw and middle-to-hold-up horses.”

Yesterdays result:

Show Legend – Drawn 3

Comments: Made all, pushed along 2f out and pressed, ridden inside final furlong, held on towards finish.

Completely contrary to the filters you have suggested for Doncaster?

Personally, since you first proposed the “Outsider Principle” I have taken the simplistic approach of backing everything in Handicaps at BFSP (top weight excluded) listed between 16 and 33 on the Sporting Life website at approx 12:30 daily.

My rationale is that the inherent edge built in to your idea (the occasionally massive increased returns from BF) is potentially negated by applying too many filters that will miss the complete shock results. Allied to this is the time required to plough through multiple handicaps on those days with half a dozen meetings.

Just for the record, sticking to £2 bets I am currently showing a profit of £470

Thanks very much for the original idea, my regular betting is based around following handicappers with proven winning form, set to perform under their ideal conditions. Afraid I am from the Clive Holt school of betting from the eighties. Reading the formbook every week to compile my lists, with suitable notes is a complete pain. This method is just so much fun – Look at prices, place bets, look again at the end of the day.

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