Afternoon guys, long time since last post, is anybody still trying to find those winners???…
I’ve been busy collating all my stuff to try and make some sense out of it all…. I have been comparing Peter May’s ratings with the free “neurals” on another site and over the amount of time I’ve been on here, there’s very little in it, but Peter May’s is marginally better…. but I have to ask myself if it’s worth the extra £24 a month, the answer is a resounding YES.
The reason for my posting is that I have had to refine the method that I was talking about earlier because we are slowly drawing to a close of the Flat for this season and I have had to look further than sprints to take me into the jump season. This further tossing around of my own criteria has had to be undertaken because of the use of the different format of Geegeez and I needed to prove that the criteria that I use, still stood up to the alterations… it does and handsomely so. The ratings on their own is not enough to gain a steady foothold, but when you use them in conjunction with “Instant Expert” there is a very tasty main course and the occasional foray into the A/W gives us a nice little sweet to finish with. It seems that Geegeez could be a nice little earner, it just takes a lot of time to trawl through all the options and that’ll take more years than I’ve got….

Catz (Terry)

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