A speedy reply George, thanks…. Yep, I agree with all that’s been said, I needed to prove to myself that paying for Gold was worth it and so far it looks the best option. There’s probably a load of stuff on there that that can be used but time itself is the killer of study…. thus far, the SR and Instant Expert has opened a few more doors.
The problem is always time, there was a hope that others might get involved with their ideas and help with the study, but that looks like it isn’t going to happen…. lol… I take my hat off to Ray Thompson on the other thread, he is still posting away and the response is a bit slow, I can’t be having with all that…. so I’ll just nip back on the odd occasion with the appropriate updates, that will let the members know that there might be something profitable out there….. thanks again George, back to rugby now…


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