FGR Perspective w/e 27.09.15

When I was a teenager I use to jump around to a song by The Wedding Present called ‘Going Nowhere Fast’, which just about sums up my betting activities over the past seven weeks. The returns to BSP over that period are…

45 Bets 16 Winners (35%) PROFIT + 1.75 pts (3%)

The returns since proofing my methods in full are more encouraging though, being…

24 Bets 10 Winners (41%) PROFIT + 4.11 pts (17%)

I know from reviewing my methods earlier today that recent results are just part of the ebb and flow of securing profit but it does feel like I’m treading water at the moment.
Finally, I’m having new windows put in Tuesday and Wednesday, so I may take a couple of days off and start posting again on Thursday. I’m thinking about taking a leaf out of Chris’ book and working on a weekly and monthly basis as opposed to posting running totals all the time. We shall see!
Stay lucky.

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