It has crossed my mind that my final summing up of selections can be confusing. In a nutshell ‘highlighted’ horses are expected to run well and have proved profitable to back in the past. ALL selections posted are highlighted horses.
The 1 pt recommended bets are the stronger selections for those of you who wish to be more selective, and again they have proved profitable to back in the past.
So the shortlist pinpoints the right type of horse to back, in the right type of race and at the right type of price. Unfortunately, you cannot back the shortlisted horses blindly for profit. Instead they provide the foundation on which to build. The highlighted horses then provide a profitable base, and the 1 pt recommended bets within those provide the bulk of the long term profits.
That’s the methodology in a nutshell. Quite simply…
The Right Type Of Horse + The Right Type Of Race + The Right Type Of Price = Profit.
It’s a ‘Winning Equation’ that will serve you well.

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