This subject needs much more prominence than it already has, in my opinion. To date I’ve only been restricted by Betfair’s Sportsbook, although Hills have taken away my BOG’s.
Sondrio was kind enough to point me in the right direction when I first raised this subject on the forum, and I fully endorse his view about putting a few quid in the slots.
One area that interests me is ‘moving money’ from bookmaker accounts into your Betfair account. I know Paul has experience of this after taking a hint off Chris. The premise here is to back a horse at BOG with a bookie and then lay the horse at the same price on Betfair – but you want the horse to lose! That way, what you lose with the bookie you gain on Betfair, minus commision. Having said that, I do think losing 5% on the transaction is bad business. On the plus side, you back a loser with the bookies, cover your tracks, and are more likely to get accomodated next time.
This is a serious subject. So guys, any suggestions and comments on the above,, please, please, post them here.

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