Hi Andy…Thanks for the reply

Re: Trainer Statistic Settings

I’ve just re-checked and with the same settings as in my first post ie,

Runs 10-Any, Wins 5-Any, Places Any-Any, Win% 25-Any, Place% 33-Any, Win PL 10-Any, Place PL Any-Any, Race Type -All, 14 Day Form.

and still get the same result of just S. Bin Suroor and J. Fanshawe selections,
maybe you’ve mixed them up with Trainer/Jockey Combo settings, which are different, or have a zero in somewhere instead of an Any, which might skew the result, or it could be there’s a glitch in the software in my output or yours.

As for the selections, J Fanshawes was a good one for this today having the First and Second in the

2.35 Ascot at SPs 7/2 and 14/1 – csf paid £50.48

Super Kid was 3rd at 4/1 (9/2), Floriss and Breslin were beat, and Fine View 8.00 Wolv, is still to run.

Its still trial and error for me now, but your right, there’s not much feedback to go on here to help.

Thanks again for your interest, and good luck with your future punting.


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