The time of year doesn’t help, not that I’m making any excuses. Punters who look for excuses are invariably losing punters. You stand on your own two feet in this game.
I’d usually expect an ROI of about 20% long term using my methods over the years, so the profits will come.
Ironically, the new method I’m currently paper trading is going great guns with results so far this week of…

L W4-1 L PROFIT + 2 pts (66%)

…following on from 50% winners last week with profits of + 5 pts (125%)

The problem is 7 days results don’t mean Jack you-know-what in this game, but at least they’re promising.
I subscribe to Chris’ Stat Picks service (highly recommended, folks – if that doesn’t get me 10% off, nothing will!), and I noticed that he struggled too during the first two months of that service, so I’m in good company!

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