FGR Perspective w/e 11.10.15

Had I not shot myself in the foot on Thursday by letting Bulletproof run at Exeter we’d be sitting on a profit of 2.6 pts at BOG (37%) this week. Instead, again at BOG at the time of posting, we’re looking at the following…

6 Bets 2 Winners (33%) LOSS – 0.9 Pts (-15%)

I’ve decided that I keep selling myself short by keep quoting BSP as I’m effectively turning profits into a virtual break even situation. I will still quote them when periodically referring to my running totals but for now I want to accentuate the positive, no more so than my value bets which I continue to paper trade. This weeks results were…

L5-1 W4-1 L4-1 W7-2 W2-1 L10-3 L4-1

7 Bets 3 Winners (42%) PROFIT + 5.5 pts (78%) @ BOG at the time of posting.

I’ll touch more on the value factor in my daily posts, but for the time being these bets remain a work-in-progress.

Last weeks 1 pt recommended bets also returned a profit at BOG with…

4 Bets 2 Winners (50%) PROFIT + 1.1 pts (27%)

So although I’ve yet to find that elusive balance when it comes to consistently tipping profitable winners over the past two months, hopefully we are going the right way.