I spoke too soon…I knew I was restricted on bet size at Totesport, but apparently I’ve not been eligible for promotions since 11th September. I basically found out when they replied to my query as to why I’d not received treble returns for the single winner in the L15 I posted up in Wednesday’s racing. They said they “would have” sent me an e-mail in September (I have not seen it) and then said I’d had further restrictions placed on my account last week; no promotions, no BOG etc.
Since I thought you could drive a coach and horses through their responses (I inferred there was no promotion restriction in the unseen e-mail if they were later implementing them) I asked for their agreement for me going to IBAS and, finally, I had a reply giving me my winnings as a “goodwill gesture”. All that for a fiver, but we can’t let them get away with that sort of stuff.
Anyway, another one gone. Might see what Unibet are doing.


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