Kevin Kelly

Hi lads, I hope everyone is good. I started this topic with the intention of keeping it going and seeing where it went but it became apparent that it needed a few other factors along with the speed ratings to make it profitable but I just didn’t have the time. I was recently browsing through a few other topics on here and came across this again, I was surprised to see it was still going. So I read through and came to Terry’s posts about the Australian website and his comments on it so I decided to check it out. And as Terry said there is a huge amount of information on it but by using their ratings and neurals along with geegeez pace analysis and speed ratings it has picked out some nice winners over the last week or so, including Manuka 8/1 and Ela goog la mau 6/1 (8.5 on BF) and a few other favourites today. And on Wednesday at Dundalk it threw up 5 of the 6 favourites that won and a couple of places as well. I didn’t back any of them but it was very interesting to see. Seems to work well on the flat but not so much over sticks but maybe that might settle down in the next week or two. But it is very time consuming and I have a few other things I’m experimenting with but I will try to post on here when I can. Cheers for the website Terry and all the best with your subscription.

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