hi kevin, the website is very familiar to me, i was put onto it by another member who is also a focus ratings member, through there forum i trialed a few differant approaches, some linked with geegeez, and at first they proved very profitable but as time progressed levelled off a little and subsequently i stopped the trials to concentrate on the core focus ratings to try and produce some profitable systems, a work still in progress, but the flat season finished over 140 points up and the new season is currently 47 points up,but i digress, back to the aussie site, it is packed full of useful information and at first is a little overwhelming in the amount of data available on there, i made if memory serves me right very profitable angles laying using the fitness column.please keep us updated on your progress and when i get the chance i may try and start another trial using geegeez ( which is what its all about on this forum of course) and some pointers from the aussie site.

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