Kev and George….. Hi both, I stopped posting because nobody seemed at all interested, there were a few tentative comments, but nothing that was going to advance the cause.
The site that we mention is really good and furthermore, it’s free…. what irks me about the Geegeez forum is to total absence of interest, not Geegeez itself I hasten to add, but the members of this forum…. it’s a frigging morgue.
The only way your going to win constantly, is to share ideas, blend whisky’s until you get your Famous Grouse or Whyte and Makay’s….. most on here will keep it to themselves thinking that they’ve got the Golden Goose, but 3 month down the line, the broody goose has dried up. There is always the need for change to keep up with the ever moving landscape of betting, but most punters cant move, they’re fixated like a rabbit in the headlights…. you have to take other peoples ideas and twist and tweak where required to keep up with the constant changes, the members of this forum don’t do that and that is to it’s discredit. The Geegeez site is excellent, but the information within Geegeez is available elsewhere, this place needs a an active forum and this place is far from active and that’s a pity because there’s money to be made by sharing ideas as you both have pointed out…. I’m always ready for a chat and will give anyone a helping hand….. email me if you wish… tiepinslow@yahoo.co.uk

regards to all


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