Haha…. this is the liveliest this forum has been for ages. Everything that’s being said is spot on, we’re all finding winners as Kev says…. but it aint from using Geegeez. I had 7 bets yesterday and a 22pts profit, but they weren’t derived from this site…. the members are doing Geegeez a dis-service and Geegeez does not warrant that. But there is no changing peoples attitude, the majority probably don’t even visit the forums and that is the sign of the times.
As for myself keeping posting, that is very doubtful I’m afraid…. my subs are up at the end of November and I see no reason to continue with this site, I’m unwilling to pay out £24 a month for a site that I no longer use… that’s akin to throwing 2.5pts away from my profits. I was rather hoping that there was something on here to tempt me, a few tasty morsels to cover costs and make me a bit of extra pocket money, but it aint doing that by a long chalk…. I’d be high and dry if it wasn’t for other sites.
I will, of course, come and wave goodbye before I go….. thanks for your responses George, you’ve tried your damndest to keep it alive by just replying to posts…. thanks….

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