Hi all.

The four of you all post regular info that is much appreciated. I read the forum every day and look for insights and tips that I don’t have to pay for and try and use the shortlist numbers too. I’m a night worker so use services that come the night before like SOTD, I also use The Betting Gods Master Racing and Premier Greyhounds who have similar good performances, strike rates and returns like Chris and SOTD and also their Value Racing guy who is ok too. This is my first year of following tipsters to try and get more out of life after a down turn at work, always loved the game but never made it pay. It started badly with the One Track Trainers system that I lost around £500 on before giving up on it, and I switched to the said tipsters one by one including a spell with Chris at Stat Picks before my working hours changed meaning I needed to get to bed earlier, I tried interrupted sleep to put bets on but it became too much. I now place bets at 7am and go to bed, as I have had my bets restricted at Betfair sports book too and don’t want to hurry to get more restrictions with evening bets and too early prices, only playing at an average bet of £10 but it’s regularly been lower as I started without a betting bank and make withdrawals from it to pay bills, I think I have returned about 2k based on spending hundreds but not thousands on said tipsters, so I’ve cleared over a grand profit for the first year which picked up after March really when I found the better tipsters mentioned, I hope the 2nd year will be better now I’ve learnt more and dropped less consistent tipsters and systems like one track trainers and big race bookie busters and hope I can build the betting bank properly with a good run to allow a decent stake build but I’m happy at the lower level and would get nervous playing with big notes to me over 10s and especially 20s on every bet, good luck to you who can and do, fair play! I’m fascinated by your rankings FGR and look and cross-reference every Saturday in particular, being a student of Clive Holts Fineform book all those years ago I find them a good starting point along with tweaks and angles of my own. Fineform gets a lot of flak but it was a good starting point and has always been brilliant at Cheltenham festival for some reason! I don’t post much as don’t feel I have much to offer, I’m a follower not a leader but just wanted to share my story with you guys and say thanks for being part of the gold experience, we never stop learning and knowledge might even be power or more importantly profit! I have a couple of days holiday left so I’m down in Devon enjoying foggy Dawlish for a couple of days and I’m off to Exeter for the 1st time tomorrow for their good meeting, be lucky! Dave aged 47 and 21 months, 25 years a mug punter but no more perhaps, though some will disagree??!!

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