Thanks FGR it’s clear you are on the right lines, the other Saturday recently was incredibly good. I Dutch perm such things for pennies on Hills and managed to pull off £400 one Saturday this summer just with each way doubles trebles and four folds, returns wise the odd biggie is very good overall. I restrict things to the first five In the betting and draw a line but that can include many when several are at the same price.

In a nutshell I’m just sharing my thoughts for a change with you guys as this is an exclusive club of people who understand ‘the game’ I’ve joked that my wife and my life(!) doesn’t understand me, but those of us who know there is an alternative to the 9 to 5 and are prepared to gamble and give it a go can find the difference, I’m not kidding myself this is get rich quick or get rich at all, but a return that is found by alternative means to drudgery even if it involves paying tipsters is ok by me, I’ve learnt that strike rates mean more losers than winners and it’s all about the price and people like Chris and SOTD nudging 30% strike rates are incredible so you won’t find me criticising, I find criticisms from short – term thinkers annoying, I’m just looking for an edge, and the edge is here, cheers!

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