FGR Perspective w/e 08.11.15

As promised in an earlier perspective here are the total returns since lauching this venture on August 10th…

80 Bets 28 Winners (35%) PROFIT + 4.43 pts (5%) @ BSP

Some way short of the target ROI of 20% but I did have the misfortune of experiencing two long losing runs, one at the beginning of the project, and one at the end. Also, deciding to proof my methods during the autumn months is probably not the wisest decision I’ve ever made!
But 5% is 5%, proving the base methodology is sound. And from experience, BOG produce superior returns, so we really are looking at the bare minimum returns from the above.
As a matter of interest, the full returns from February 1st to date (I often take both January and the sumner months off, as life is too short not to have fun!) are…

182 Bets 69 Winners (38%) PROFIT + 28.33 pts (115%)

Still a shortfall on my target ROI of 20% but very respectable figures all the same, which bodes well for the new Jumping season when I’ll be back with even more comprehensive postings.
Stay lucky.

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